Online Learning

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.”
– Donna J. Abernathy

Where do you need to go?

Online Degrees

Learning online at Cornerstone College of Virginia is a convenient and affordable way to earn your next degree. 

Graduate Degrees

Acquire advanced understanding in four distinct areas of ministry while demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning that many organizations value.

Degree Completion

If financial, family, or personal circumstances derailed your original college pursuit, explore our degree completion program to get back on track. You can complete your degree in as few as ten courses.*

Graduate Certificates

Are you looking for specific training but not a full degree? We have six ministry oriented Graduate certificates which are completed in four courses and less than a year.


Take the final step in your ministry education with one of three online doctoral degrees. Leverage your experience and skills with a doctoral degree to serve God in new and powerful ways.

You are not alone

Learning online brings an immense amount of flexibility and convenience! But it also brings a sense of disconnect. The CCV online team, especially the faculty, are dedicated to serving you wherever you are at! Especially remotely. 

Chris VanBuskirk, Ed.D.
Director of Online Education
Learn From Ministry Leaders

Instructors at CCV have years of ministry experience; pouring their lives into the next generation of leaders.

Anywhere, Anytime

Online education allows you to learn in any location with internet access, making your education flexible and convenient.

Application Based Learning

At CCV, you are involved in your education! All programs include field based experience so you learn by doing.