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About Us

Hear from our students

At Cornerstone, I am able to take courses at cheaper tuition rates than other colleges. Plus, the professors are very friendly and every class feels personal.

Daniel Gowaty CCV Student

I loved taking the Biblical Counseling course last semester. All-in-all, that was one of my favorite courses that I have taken.

Caedryn McKenna CCV Student

Professor Jay quickly became a favorite professor of mine for his similar sense of humor compared to mine, but also his love for helping others in cultivating their own sound theology.

Daniel Milam CCV Student

One of my favorite parts about CCV is the community. I am always excited to come to class because everyone is so friendly and I know my presence is appreciated.

John Velleco CCV Student

If you're on the fence about coming to Cornerstone, then I say just do it! You'll end up having a great time and coming out of it with a degree that will help you no matter what you go into.

Scarlett Sizemore CCV Student
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    Your college degree begins with an application!

    Take the first step to answer your call by completing a CCV college application.  An admissions counselor will work with you throughout the process!

    Only a few steps away from obtaining your degree

    With over 24 degree programs at all levels, CCV offers the education you need to answer your call. Cornerstone provides a Christ-centered pathway to a theological and professional education that fully equips our students for kingdom work in the church and in the world.

    Whatever God is calling you to do, Cornerstone College is here to help you take that next step. Our mission is to enhance the wisdom of our students in the stewardship of their God-given gifts and talents. Whether on-campus or online, two-year, four-year or graduate degrees, your biblical and academic preparation at CCV will equip you to follow God’s call with God’s Word as your guide.

    You have questions... we have answers!

    The final price depends on the total credits you need, but if you complete this degree in 10 courses, the total cost will be around $6,000. This is significantly more affordable than most colleges. Payment plans are available. 

    Again, the final answer depends on the number of courses you need to take and how often you take them. But with classes beginning every 8 weeks, you can complete this degree in less than 2 years. 

    Yes, absolutely! You may also take them in the classroom, or both.

    The BRS degree is a maximum transfer and minimum requirement degree. So while you may need 10 courses, we only have a requirement for 6 of them:

    1. BI 245 Pentateuch
    2. BI 100 Old Testament Survey
    3. BI 111 Life Of Christ
    4. BI 101 New Testament Survey
    5. BI 201 – Biblical Hermeneutics
    6. Th 101 – Systematic Theology I

    Our Teaching Team

    Johnnie Hicks, M.C.E.

    An engaging instructor that has been teaching since 1994. Johnnie will challenge you with his many years of practical application.

    President of Cornerstone College of Virginia

    Richard A. Barnett, D.R.E.

    Dick is not only the President of the college, but he is a dynamic and experienced classroom teacher.  

    Jonathan Henry, D.R.E.

    Jonathan drives the academic engine of CCV, and nowhere is that more obvious than when he is in the classroom.