Just One Year?

Sometimes called “Grade 13,” a one-year micro-degree starts your journey towards a full degree. Many students who are unsure of their final academic pursuit may choose this route as a “gap year” experience!

CCV Micro-Degrees

Invest in your Christian education and become equipped for God’s call on your life through a micro-degree program. Check out our options and apply for a micro-degree below!

The Certificate in Biblical Studies focuses on the treatment of the Old and New Testaments with an emphasis in biblical interpretation. This 15-credit fully online certificate allows students to quickly and easily obtain practical knowledge of Bible survey, doctrine, and methods of Bible study.

If you want to make the most of a year of Bible study, dive deeper into Scripture and increase your ministry effectiveness. This certificate program provides an in-depth study of both the Old and New Testaments, as well as a foundation of general education courses. This certificate is perfect as a standalone program as well as a foundation for continuing to an Associate’s degree. 

This 4-course micro-degree provides resources, preparation, and training for cross-cultural evangelistic outreach. Become equipped for missions at home and abroad as you follow the Great Commission of Christ.

Prepare to serve congregations through “singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Col 3:16) as you explore the world of Christian worship. This micro-degree will equip you with the education you need to lead in worship ministry.

The Biblical Counseling concentration prepares students for a wide variety of biblical guidance ministries in local churches. Students will learn from educators who grant a uniquely constitutive role to Scripture, to the gospel of God in Christ, and to his Church. Students will be equipped to bring the wisdom of God’s Word, the hope and power of his gospel, and the unique relevance of the church community into the care and cure of souls, the restoration of broken people, and their marriages and families.

Learn essential concepts of carrying out Church ministry in the digital age. This micro-degree will equip you to incorporate faith and technology to reach the world for Christ.

One of the best ways to impact the future of the Church is to train young people to become godly adults. Our Micro-Degree of Youth Ministry equips students with an understanding of the unique physical, mental, and spiritual needs of youth. Students who complete this program will further their abilities to positively impact the lives of young people.

Ready to earn your micro-degree?

With over 380 courses, CCV offers the education you need to answer your call. Cornerstone provides a Christ-centered pathway to a theological and professional education that fully equips our students for kingdom work in the church and in the world.

Whatever God is calling you to do, Cornerstone College is here to help you take that next step. Our mission is to enhance the wisdom of our students in the stewardship of their God-given gifts and talents. Whether on-campus or online, your biblical and academic preparation at CCV will equip you to follow God’s call with God’s Word as your guide.