Simultaneous Enrollment Option

Pathway to a regionally accredited degree

Cornerstone College of Virginia has partnered with Lancaster Bible College|Capital Seminary & Graduate School (LBC|Capital) to promote a premier educational environment that serves the needs of its learning community.

SEO Degree Opportunities

The Simultaneous Enrollment Option provides, through mutual course credit transfers, a unique opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Theology from CCV and an accredited Bachelor’s degree from LBC|Capital in majors such as Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and General Studies. 

LBC|Capital has recognized that courses at Cornerstone College of Virginia have similar academic standards and all courses taken at CCV are 100% transferable. Furthermore, students who have been accepted into CCV are automatically accepted into the Accelerated Undergraduate Degree program at LBC|Capital. This allows Cornerstone College of Virginia students the opportunity to earn various degrees via online course delivery.

SEO Associate Degrees

  1. Business Administration
  2. Counseling (Coming soon)
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Healthcare Management
  5. Ministry Leadership 




SEO Bachelor’s Degrees

  1. Accounting              
  2. Business Administration 
  3. Communication   
  4. Counseling 
  5. Criminal Justice 
  6. Marketing
  7. Healthcare Management  
  8. Ministry Leadership 
  9. Sport Management 

Typical Costs for Each Program

  • 1 Year   $4,650
  • 2 Year   $4,650
  • 3 Year   $8,010
  • 4 Year   $9,690
  • Total      $27,000*

*Compare this number to the average cost of tuition at a 4-year college which is typically $27,000 per year!

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