Doctoral Degrees

Pathway to a Diploma

Students with a Master’s degree can be accepted into the CCV Doctoral Degree Division. Descriptions for each of the terminal degrees offered through Cornerstone College of Virginia are listed below.

CCV Doctoral Degrees

In this terminal research doctorate, you will become a biblical scholar and gain deep insights into the Word of God. Through the program, students will gain a greater mastery of the original languages of the Bible, the cultural backgrounds of the Bible, the significance of the intertestamental period, and the history of hermeneutical frameworks and theological developments from the early church up to the present. It is designed for life-engaged learners who are motivated to complete the ultimate expression of scriptural academics.

D.R.S. students pursue an in-depth course of study where they immerse themselves in research to discover new approaches to examining religion. Through this program you focus a great deal of your energies on exploring your chosen topic of interest as expressed in your dissertation or capstone project.

The Doctor of Religious Education program is designed to meet your professional development needs as a Christian education leader. Candidates will grow in their ability to enhance God’s kingdom work in Christian schools or colleges and represent Christian education perspectives in the broader society. The program prepares highly specialized professionals for leadership in religious education. Multi-disciplinary fields of study intersect in the doctoral curriculum. The program is intended to nurture sound scholarship by encouraging students to develop and demonstrate erudition, reflection and research skills in their academic work, examinations, dissertations, and vocational experiences.