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Cornerstone College of Virginia is Christ-Centered and Career-Focused.
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At Cornerstone, I am able to take courses at cheaper tuition rates than other colleges. Plus, the professors are very friendly and every class feels personal.

Daniel Gowaty CCV Student

I loved taking the Biblical Counseling course last semester. All-in-all, that was one of my favorite courses that I have taken.

Caedryn McKenna CCV Student

Professor Jay quickly became a favorite professor of mine for his similar sense of humor compared to mine, but also his love for helping others in cultivating their own sound theology.

Daniel Milam CCV Student

One of my favorite parts about CCV is the community. I am always excited to come to class because everyone is so friendly and I know my presence is appreciated.

John Velleco CCV Student

If you're on the fence about coming to Cornerstone, then I say just do it! You'll end up having a great time and coming out of it with a degree that will help you no matter what you go into.

Scarlett Sizemore CCV Student



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Graduate Degree Plan

Master of Ministry Leadership (M.M.L.)

Become Equipped to Lead

This graduate-level program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to lead and manage in a ministry setting. The course of study combines biblical and theological studies with practical courses in leadership and management. Students learn about topics such as spiritual formation, biblical interpretation, preaching, counseling, conflict resolution, organizational development, and strategic planning.

36 Credit Hours | Online | On-Campus

Program Goals

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Career Opportunities

Cornerstone College of Virginia recognizes the need for flexibility in higher education, which is why we offer both on-campus and online classes.

Students have the option to choose the format that works best for them based on their schedule, learning style, and location. On-campus classes provide a traditional classroom experience where students can interact face-to-face with professors and peers. Online classes, on the other hand, offer a more flexible approach to learning that allows for convenient scheduling and the ability to work from any location with internet access. Both types of classes are taught by highly qualified instructors who are committed to providing students with a quality education.

Cornerstone College of Virginia offers Military and VA benefits to better equip active and non-active Military personnel.

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Cornerstone College of Virginia offeres two course types:

Embrace Cornerstone's community with 16-week on-campus courses or balance your work and studies with our flexible 8-week online courses that fit your schedule and needs.

CCV is one of the highest-quality, lowest-priced, online and in-person Christian Colleges in the nation.

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Choose Your Concentration

Become equipped for a specific ministry field through a Master of Ministry Leadership concentration.
Leadership Concentration

You know ministry leadership is challenging. Leaders like you need to know how to manage conflict in redemptive ways, lead change processes effectively, respond to various situations with an appropriate leadership style, manage and administer organizational systems and processes and serve followers with integrity. The program places a strong emphasis on the spiritual formation of the leader. As a result, the program develops leaders who possess the competencies expected of those leading in church, para-church, and non-profit organizations, as well as creating a depth of character that followers can trust.

Apologetics is a foundational part of leading others to Christ. The CCV Apolgteics Consentratioon will help the student better understand and explain the Christian faith as we share the unchanging gospel of Christ in a rapidly changing world. Through this core, students will be prepared to articulate a Christian worldview reverently, with intelligence, confidence, and compassion. The program fosters personal spiritual growth and maturity through guided study of the Scriptures and theology, critical thinking, mutual encouragement in the Christian life and academic rigor. Students will establish a foundation in theology, critical thinking, and perennial topics in apologetics, and will have access to a variety of new and innovative course offerings

This concentration is designed for Christian musicians, worship leaders, and pastors who wish to continue their calling and advance in the field of Worship Arts & Ministry. Your coursework will address the professional practice of worship, service, and leadership. Educational research will culminate in the development of a personal philosophy of worship and a major research project. The degree is designed for preparation to enter professional careers in music ministry, including worship leaders, music ministry pastor, and musicians.

The Pastoral Studies concentration prepares students for ministerial service in a variety of contexts. You will learn from pastors with many years of experience, get biblical training on engaging your congregation and deepen your understanding of God’s word. You will enhance your understanding and personal integration of pastoral care supported by a conceptual foundation of theology and ethics.

Christian ministry involves interacting with people who have a variety of issues and concerns and they will need care and they come to you for help. This concentration prepares you to provide care that is based on the ministry of Jesus, scripture, and reliable caregiving practices. You will be equipped and ready to meet the needs of individuals and families when they reach out to you for assistance.

Christian ministry involves interacting with people who have a variety of issues and concerns and they will need care and they come to you for help. This concentration prepares you to provide care that is based on the ministry of Jesus, scripture, and reliable caregiving practices. You will be equipped and ready to meet the needs of individuals and families when they reach out to you for assistance.

Recent events have made digital ministry a critical aspect in the growth and development of the Church. In this concentration you will focus on the growing trend of the digital church and help church members who can’t come to your physical building feel connected to the body of Christ. The harvest is plentiful and the with digital media connecting people across the world, you will have ample opportunities to minister to those who need it most.

Sometimes called the “third sector,” nonprofit organizations are becoming an increasingly important aspect of our economy and society. But the idea of “leadership” is the same across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors; the ability to achieve growing and sustaining the engagement of people to accomplish something extraordinary together. This concentration addresses four critical competencies of nonprofit leadership: Financial Management and Fundraising, Human Resourcing, Planning and Community Relations and Communication.

Become Equipped for Kingdom Work

With over 24 degree programs at all levels, CCV offers the education you need to answer your call. Cornerstone provides a Christ-centered pathway to a theological and professional education that fully equips our students for kingdom work in the church and in the world.

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Master of Ministry Leadership (M.M.L.)

2-4 Years | 36 Credit Hours
Next Start Date

July 1, 2024

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Why Choose Cornerstone College of VA?

You will learn from dedicated faculty with deep scriptural knowledge and practical ministry experience.  

Biblically based curriculum you can trust. Courses and lessons are based on real-world application of God’s truth. 

CCV is learner focused, with smaller class sizes allowing a quicker and more intimate way to deepen your understanding of your ministry and leadership skills.