A 12 credit Graduate Certificate equipping students  to defend their faith with the light and logic of God’s Word.

Meet Rob Lundberg

In his own words: My approach to teaching, training, and defending the faith involves implementing a two step classical methodology. My evangelistic approach always starts out conversationally to see where the person is coming from and to find that ripe opportunity to bring the gospel in. It may be a conversation or two… but the goal to apologetics is discipleship and evangelism, discernment and polemics; refuting error and teaching biblical truth.

For more information about Rob and his ministry, visit roblundberg.org

About this concentration:

Apologetics is a foundational part of leading others to Christ. The CCV Apologetics Concentration and Graduate Certificate will equip students to better understand and explain the Christian faith as we share the unchanging gospel of Christ in a rapidly changing world. Through this core, students will be prepared to articulate a Christian worldview reverently, with intelligence, confidence, and compassion. The program fosters personal spiritual growth and maturity through guided study of the Scriptures and theology, critical thinking, mutual encouragement in the Christian life and academic rigor. Students will establish a foundation in theology, critical thinking, and perennial topics in apologetics, and will have access to a variety of new and innovative course offerings

With the concentration you will:

  • Strengthen your faith and equip you with valuable training in the historical, philosophical, and intellectual arguments needed to overcome objections to the Christian faith.
  • Be equipped to engage in ministry through a church or parachurch organization or work in outreach at a local church
  • Be persuasive communicators for the Christian cause in writing books, magazines, journals, or online

Class schedule:

  1. TH560 – Introduction to Christian Apologetics   (January 17 – March 13, 2022)
  2. TH561 – Apologetics to the World Religions   (March 14 – May  8, 2022)
  3. TH562 – New Religious Movements and Cults   (Coming, Fall 2022)
  4. TH563 – Analyzing Today’s Worldviews  (Coming Fall, 2022)

Flexible Class Scheduling

  • Classes will be offered on campus (enrollment permitting) and fully online. 
  • On campus courses meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 PM for 8 weeks
  • Online classes are also 8 weeks and have no scheduled class meetings.