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Cornerstone College of Virginia is Christ-Centered and Career-Focused.
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At Cornerstone, I am able to take courses at cheaper tuition rates than other colleges. Plus, the professors are very friendly and every class feels personal.

Daniel Gowaty CCV Student

I loved taking the Biblical Counseling course last semester. All-in-all, that was one of my favorite courses that I have taken.

Caedryn McKenna CCV Student

Professor Jay quickly became a favorite professor of mine for his similar sense of humor compared to mine, but also his love for helping others in cultivating their own sound theology.

Daniel Milam CCV Student

One of my favorite parts about CCV is the community. I am always excited to come to class because everyone is so friendly and I know my presence is appreciated.

John Velleco CCV Student

If you're on the fence about coming to Cornerstone, then I say just do it! You'll end up having a great time and coming out of it with a degree that will help you no matter what you go into.

Scarlett Sizemore CCV Student



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Solving Procrastination


Procrastination: The Complete Guide

Almost everyone struggles with procrastination at some point, and we all want to be able to stop procrastinating when that happens. However, in order to successfully overcome our procrastination, it’s important to fully understand it first.

As such, the following article will show you everything you need to know about procrastination, and about why we experience it. Then, you will see the steps that you should follow when it comes to tackling your procrastination problem, together with some beneficial tips on how you can get yourself to stop procrastinating.

Note that this article is quite comprehensive, so feel free to skim through it and focus on the parts that are most relevant for you.