Information for Parents

Making the Choice

We know college can be life changing for your son or daughter! It a major decision for all of you. Here is some information about Cornerstone College of Virginia that will help you decide. 

Cornerstone College of Virginia offers three ways to reduce college tuition costs for families. 

  1. Gary Foss Memorial Scholarship (GFMS) offers students a merit-based scholarship for new students aged 17-26. Learn more at the Tuition tab. 
  2. Carson Riley Memorial Scholarship offers adult learners a need-based scholarship. Learn more at the Tuition tab.
  3. Tuition at CCV is highly affordable and is significantly less than other private Christian colleges due to the generous donations from alumni and friends of the college. CCV undergraduate tuition per credit hour for 2021 is $155 compared to other Virginia Christian private colleges whose tuition is $390 per credit hour.

We work hard to prepare students for life. In fulfillment of our mission, we offer students and alumni access to our on campus and on line CCV Career Success Center. We have in-person and on-line resources for:

  1. Resume development
  2. Interview and soft skills preparation
  3. Job search assistance
  4. Personal and career assessments 

Internships are available at the college for paid and unpaid opportunities in a variety of areas to help students prepare for real world experiences. Interested individuals can contact the administrative dean for more information at

Students interested in transferring to another college are encouraged to check with their admissions department to get written confirmation of their acceptance of CCV credits. No college is required to accept another college’s credits, so it is best in all circumstances to check if credits will be accepted. 

Absolutely! We welcome transfer students! We work hard to get all the credits we can to match up to our college degree programs that fit your needs. Talk to a transfer credit specialist at

We work hard to make college affordable for everyone. We offer affordable tuition rates that generous donors subsidize. We offer two types of scholarships to students. In addition, we offer monthly payment plans. Talk to a staff member about our flexible options to make college tuition the most affordable for your family.

We welcome families on campus any time! Contact our campus at 540-898-5077 or email us at

Being a young adult is an exciting time. Parenting never stops, it just changes over time. Parents can support their children through the college experience by being a good listener and spending quantity time with them. We value family life and we value parents that speak into their children’s lives. At CCV our shared values build stronger families.