Graduate Certificates

Credentials for Minsitry

Graduate Certificates at CCV are focused pathways to specific areas of ministry study. Each Graduate Certificate are four courses (3 credits each, total of 12) providing you accelerated credentialing in specific areas of study. Certificate courses can also be applied toward a Master of Ministry Leadership degree and become the concentration of that degree.

CCV Graduate Certificates

You know leadership is challenging. Leaders like you need to know how to manage conflict in redemptive ways, lead change processes effectively, respond to various situations with an appropriate leadership style, manage and administer organizational systems and processes and serve followers with integrity. The program places a strong emphasis on the spiritual formation of the leader. As a result, the program develops leaders who possess the competencies expected of those leading in church, para-church and non-profit organizations, as well as creating a depth of character that followers can trust.         

This concentration is designed for Christian musicians, worship leaders, and pastors who wish to continue their calling and advance in the field of Worship Arts & Ministry. Your coursework will address the professional practice of worship, service, and leadership. Educational research will culminate in the development of a personal philosophy of worship and a major research project. The degree is designed for preparation to enter professional careers in music ministry, including worship leaders, music ministry pastor, and musicians.

The Pastoral Studies concentration prepares students for ministerial service in a variety of contexts. You will learn from pastors with many years of experience, get biblical training on engaging your congregation and deepen your understanding of God’s word. You will enhance your understanding and personal integration of pastoral care supported by a conceptual foundation of theology and ethics.

Christian ministry involves interacting with people who have a variety of issues and concerns and they will need care and they come to you for help. This concentration prepares you to provide care that is based on the ministry of Jesus, scripture, and reliable caregiving practices. You will be equipped and ready to meet the needs of individuals and families when they reach out to you for assistance. Please note that this certification will prepare you for clinical counseling, but does not equip you for licensure. 

The God of the Bible is a missionary God. And as Christians, we’re called to go and preach the gospel. Studying missions doesn’t just prepare you to be a missionary. Through this concentration, students become prepared to serve missionally in a variety of settings, like in churches, schools, government programs, social services and more – and learn about the first-ever missionary: God.

Recent events have made digital ministry a critical aspect in the growth and development of the Church. In this concentration you will focus on the growing trend of the digital church and help church members who can’t come to your physical building feel connected to the body of Christ. The harvest is plentiful and the with digital media connecting people across the world, you will have ample opportunities to minister to those who need it most.

Sometimes called the “third sector,” nonprofit organizations are becoming an increasingly important aspect of our economy and society. But the idea of “leadership” is the same across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors; the ability to achieve growing and sustaining the engagement of people to accomplish something extraordinary together.  This concentration addresses four critical competencies of nonprofit leadership: Financial Management and Fundraising, Human Resourcing, Planning and Community Relations and Communication.