Dual Enrollment

Why dual enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment program at CCV provides motivated, talented, and Christ-centered high school students with an early opportunity to take college-level courses at deeply discounted tuition rates and experience a biblical university environment while still enrolled in high school.

What is Dual Enrollment?

  • Prepare for college by taking core courses at a discounted tuition rate.
  • Start college one step ahead – either by getting a head start on core courses at CCV or transferring credits to another accredited university (Christian or secular).
  • Get a taste of life and learning from a small biblical university campus, centered on Christ and His Word, where professors know your name and challenge you academically and spiritually.
  • Stand out when applying to colleges. Dual Enrollment credit not only shows that you are a motivated student seeking a challenge, but also proves that you are ready to succeed at the college level.

Save Tuition

Committed to making a biblical education accessible to students, Cornerstone College offers reduced tuition rate for eligible high school students. Dual Enrollment students pay just $295 per course; more than an 55% discount from our standard tuition rate. 

Keep or Transfer

Upon completion, students will have an official college transcript on file, which may be applied toward a degree at CCV or transferred to another college. CCV offers multiple academic programs. You may also transfer your credits to another college or university, private or public.*

* Transferability of credits from one college/university to another depends on each school’s and program’s requirements.

Prepare for College

Lighten your load in future semesters by taking core courses now—in subjects like English composition, American history, and mathematics. Course credit counts toward both high school graduation and your college transcript.

Available Courses*

Dual-enrollment students take college courses fully online. Students who are local to our Fredericksburg, Virginia campus may take along side traditional undergraduate students. 

Cost: $195 per course (Normal price is $295)
Application: Click here 

*Not all courses are available every semester. Please contact the Office of Admissions for a detailed course roster for the semester of which you plan to enroll.

Course schedule: Fall 2022 (Begins August 29 and runs for 16 weeks. )
  1. BI 111 Life of Christ.  A comprehensive and chronological study of the life of Christ.  The course focuses on a thematic and chronological view of Christ’s life and ministry, providing an interpretation of key events and discourses and their practical application.
  2. TH 215 The Christian and Caesar: How a Believer Should Relate to Government. This class will survey the creation of the American government, its development from creation to the present, and its present structure, and evaluate this system against the precepts of a Biblical worldview.
  3. PM 105 The Bible as Literature. The English Bible is a work of ancient literature unparalleled in value and influence. This course will study the Bible on its merits as a piece of world class literature. Students will  ultimately examine their own knowledge and assumptions concerning the English Bible as a piece of literature and engage in interpretation and synthesis based on such review.