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The final price depends on the total courses you need. Dual enrollment students are awarded a generous scholarship, bringing the final tuition price down to $195 per course.

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The final answer depends on the number of courses you need to take and how often you take them. But with classes beginning every 8 weeks, you can complete a degree in less than 2 years. 

Yes, absolutely! You may also take them in the classroom, or both.

The courses you take depend on the degree you are pursuing. To learn more about the courses associated with your degree, check out our college catalog.

Not pursuing a degree? Talk to your success coach about finding courses that best suite your needs.

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Whatever God is calling you to do, Cornerstone College is here to help you take that next step. Our mission is to enhance the wisdom of our students in the stewardship of their God-given gifts and talents. Whether on-campus or online, two-year, four-year or graduate degrees, your biblical and academic preparation at CCV will equip you to follow God’s call with God’s Word as your guide.

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