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8:30-11:00 AM

PM 540

Conflict Resolution

(Req. Masters)

Dr. Carl Bentley




9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

See Dean for other available FDSs 

PM 700

Project Design and Implementation

(Doctoral Level)

Dr. Donna Rhaney

TH 101

Theology I

(Req. Undergraduate)

Dr. Jay Flickinger

The Pentateuch


Dr. Willis Dempsey

11:30AM-2:00 PM

BI 310 

The Book of Romans


Dr. David Russell


PM 200

Intro to Biblical Counseling

(Req. Associate)

Professor Nancy Williams


BI 540

Hebrews I

(Req. Masters)

Dr. Jonathan Henry Charles Garnett, CP

2:00PM-4:30 PM

BI 100/501

Old Testament Survey

(Req. Undergraduate)

Dr. Richard Barnett


PM 101


(Req. Undergraduate)

Dr. Richard Barnett

4:30PM-7:00 PM

New Testament Survey

(Req. Undergraduate)

Dr. Fritz Raymond


    Biblical Leadership



Scott Pipenhagen

7:00PM-9:30 PM


(Req. Undergraduate)

Dr. Steven Tate

PM 400

Spiritual Gifts and Temperaments

(Req. Undergraduate)

Dr. Craig Beasley

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