"I was called to this school right after I retired from serving as a firefighter and paramedic for 25 years. The Lord spoke to me one night around 2 am and said that He will lead me to the school where I would need to study the word and I was led straight to FBIS/CCV the next day. I believe God allowed me to save lives in my prior occupation to now save souls with the education afforded to me from FBIS."

Mr. Guy is the Chaplain of the Spotsylvania Fire Department and has also been recently ordained at home church Ebenezer Baptist Church in Essex County.
"Cornerstone College of Virginia equipped me to share the Gospel and I am so grateful. I know I made the right decision by choosing to get my degree with CCV. I thank the Lord and my family."

Bill White
"I started off for selfish reasons. I was looking at getting a degree and didn't know what I was going to study. I found out that I could study the bible and get a degree so this seemed like the perfect match. Especially at the time when my bible reading habits were not the greatest. I needed some structure and guidance to continue in my study and reading. From there I was led to sharing the things I was learning through bible studies and eventually preaching from the pulpit."

Ed Rook