Students must pay tuition, fees and last semester one week prior to the beginning of each semester. Payment arrangements must be made with the Registrar/Administrative Dean during the first two weeks of classes. Students must complete a Payment Plan agreement! If arrangements are not made, late fees will be accrued and students could be withdrawn from classes. If a student has not paid his/her tuition by the end of the semester they will not receive grades for the classes taken and will not be able to enter into classes the next semester. The following is the Tuition and Fees for the Cornerstone College of Virginia:

Undergraduate Programs: $155.00/credit hour 

*Returning students, please note changes in fees.
Students MUST fill out an add/drop form when making a class change in their academic schedules each semester.


Application Fee (one time, non-refundable: $25
Registration Fee (each semester, non-refundable):$40
Payment Plan Late Fee:$10/month if payments are not made according to Financial Responsibility Agreement (p.2)
Overdraft Check Fee$30
Graduation Fee (Includes robe, hood, and tam)$150
Transcripts - UnofficialFree
Transcripts - Official (w/Seal)$10


Undergraduate Program$155 per credit hour ($465/class)


Students may audit any class for one half of the normal undergraduate tuition for the course to be taken (even if the student is graduate level). Auditors may participate in discussions, but do not take exams, write papers, or do homework for a grade.


Students MUST fill out an add/drop form when making a class change in their academic schedules each semester.

Refund Policy

For the normal fall and spring semesters (classes meet weekly) : 100% if withdraw before classes start; 75% if withdraw after first day the class meets; 50% if withdraw after second class meeting; and 25% if withdraw after third class meeting. There is no refund after the fourth class meeting.

For Saturday (bi-weekly meetings or accelerated weekly/double sessions) fall, spring or summer semesters: 100% if withdraw before classes start; 50% if withdraw after first time the class meets (Sessions 1 and 2). There is no refund after the second time the class meets as it represents (Sessions 3 and 4).

The above refund schedules are in force whether the student actually attends the classes or not. Notifying the school of intention to withdraw is the student’s responsibility. The Office of the Academic Dean reserves the right to over-ride the above refund policy to accommodate special circumstances of an extreme nature.

Note that because we are a non-profit school providing a Biblical education, some students who withdraw and are entitled to receive a refund, choose to offer their refund to the school as a tax deductible donation. We are always appreciative of such decisions, but they are never expected nor required.

Financial Aid

Undergraduates can apply for the Carson Riley or In-Kind scholarships to receive financial aid.

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Services

Students who have served in the U.S. military are eligible under the Post-9/11 GI bill to receive funds for their education.