Full-tuition Associate Degree two-year scholarship

Answer your calling through the Cornerstone College of Virginia Gary Foss Memorial Scholarship. We have twelve full-tuition Associate Degree two-year scholarships (valued at $10,000) for this  fall!

This scholarship is for new students only. Easy 4-step process:

  1. GFMS application completed at www.CornerstoneCollegeVA.org. Apply below! 
  2. 500 word essay: How would an Associate’s Degree through the Cornerstone College of Virginia Gary Foss Memorial Scholarship equip you for God’s call on your life?
  3. Two letters of recommendation. (one pastor, one personal) 
  4. High school transcripts mailed to Cornerstone College of Virginia.

You can simultaneously pursue an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies through Cornerstone College of Virginia (CCV) and an Associate Degree from Lancaster Bible College (LBC). Degree options include:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministry Studies
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Communication
  • Sport Management
  • Healthcare Management

A total of semester 60 hours of study are required for the two Associate Degrees and will be achieved through a hybrid combination of in-class courses at CCV and online courses at LBC. The Associate Degree scholarship program is an integral part of our Simultaneous Enrollment Option (SEO) initiative at Cornerstone College of Virginia in partnership with Lancaster Bible College.

This post-high school Associate Degree scholarship is a gift to the community being offered by Cornerstone College of Virginia. Interested students aged 17-26 are encouraged to apply below.

The Gary Foss Memorial Scholarship (GFMS) application period for classes beginning fall semester 2021 is now open. To be considered for our fall semester scholarship class your application must be received no later than 07/15/2021.

The Associate Degree Simultaneous Enrollment Option at Cornerstone College of Virginia in partnership with Lancaster Bible College is an incremental step to a pathway to a bachelor’s degree. Cornerstone College of Virginia makes every effort to tailor the Associate Degree program to the student’s need to gain tools for success in the field of theology or a professional career.

The Gary Foss Memorial Scholarship is good for two years and the student must maintain full-time enrollment and take a course curriculum appropriate for graduation with an Associate Degree from both CCV and LBC in May 2023. In addition to taking a full-time academic curriculum, the successful GFMS applicant must agree to attend and participate in CCV Chapel as scheduled and be available for marketing and promotions including, but not limited to, audio, video, face to face testimony, online testimony, and presentations at community events.  Applications will be reviewed by an academic selection committee comprised of Cornerstone College of Virginia faculty and staff. A list of finalists will be asked to participate in an on-campus interview prior to the final scholarship award decision.

Interested scholarship applicants begin your application below. There is no fee to apply. 

Please fill out contact information below to receive your Gary Foss Memorial Scholarship application. Please know we wish you all the best in your scholarship endeavors.