Overview of Advanced Biblical Studies Diploma

This is a Diploma program. It offers a Biblical education to any Christian who has a desire to study God’s Word and is focused on training laity, Sunday School Teachers and Church Officers. There are no prerequisites to enter this program, but a High School diploma or GED is recommended.

To attain the Advanced Biblical Studies Diploma a student must complete 30 credits from any of the Bible, History, Practical Ministry, or Theology classes.

Recommended Courses

TH 101/501 Christian Theology I (3 CR)

A study of the church’s doctrinal teaching with emphasis and support on the Holy Scriptures. It includes teaching on the Doctrine of the Word of God, Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Man and the Doctrine of Christ. (Three credit hours)

TH 102/502 Christian Theology II (3 CR)

Same description above; part two of the two semester sequence. It includes teaching on the Doctrine of the Application of Redemption, Doctrine of the Church, and Doctrine of the Future. (Three credit hours)

BI 100/501 Complete OT Survey (3 CR)

A survey to the historical, critical and theological study of the literature of the Old Testament. This course includes the Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetry Books, the Psalms, and the Major and Minor Prophets. (Three credit hours. In some cases it is taught in two semesters making it six credit hours)

BI 300/502 Complete NT Survey (3 CR)

A survey to the historical, critical and theological study of the literature of the New Testament. This course include the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Pauline Epistles and the Book of Revelation. Three credit hours. (In some cases it is taught in two semesters making it six credit hours)

MI 103 Missionary Journeys of Paul (3 CR)

This course examine the three missionary journeys of Paul and its effect on the early church and the church today. (Three credit hours)

BI 360 Harmony of the Gospels

This course is a vital tool for studying, preaching and teaching the life of Jesus Christ. The course examines the comparisons and differences between the four Gospel and looks at special topics of interest, such as the time of Jesus’ birth, the genealogy, the Sermon on the Mount, Christ’s second Passover, the date and time of the Last Supper. It also examines the chronological questions concerning the resurrection narratives. (Three credit hours)

BI 330 Parables of Christ (3 CR)

This course will be an in-depth study on the “parables of Jesus” as found in the four Gospel accounts. The course seeks to apply Scripture to the context in which it was written and their viewpoint and relation to modern day life. The course will refer to a number of other works as students seek to understand how to apply the parables to their lives, teaching and preaching. (Three credit hours).

MI 101/501 Intro to Missions (3 CR)

An introductory course with the emphasis on the “Misseo Dei” (Mission of God) and how believers as members of the body of Christ should participate in that activity not only locally, but globally as well. Using the Gospel and ministry of Jesus Christ as the model, we will explore how the church should define and shape its mission program for the future in light of God’s intended purpose. (Three credit hours)

BI 225-226 Study of the Psalms

This course offers a verse-by-verse reading of the biblical test of the Psalms. Students will learn the meaning of the text and how it relates to the church Christianity and the world in which we live. It will also integrates thoughtful and contemporary insight for daily living. (Three credit hours)

BI 235-236 Minor Prophets (3-6 CR)

This two semester course gives an in-depth study of the minor prophets of the Bible, from Hosea to Malachi. The message of each book will be considered in its historical setting to better understand Israel’s moral and spiritual condition and how that applies to our modern day living. Special emphasis will be given to the authorship and divine promises of each book as to the messages of future judgment and deliverance. (Three or six credit hours depending upon the professor and material presented)

Electives (30 CR)

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