Overview of Masters of Religious Education Degree

This degree in education is designed for Christian educators who wish to continue their calling and advance in the field of Christian education. The program will address professional practice in teaching, learning and educational leadership. Coursework will focus on the five elements of an educational philosophy; the theology of education, the nature of the learner, the nature of the teaching process, the nature of the learning process and the subject matter. Educational research will culminate in development of a personal philosophy of education and a major research project. This degree is designed for preparation to enter educational careers in Christian Ministry, including classroom teaching and institutional leadership.

Required Courses

  • BI550 – Graduate Biblical Survey
  • TH560 – Graduate Systematic Theology
  • CE501 – Biblical Foundations of Education
  • CE502 – Communicating Biblical Truth
  • CE503 – Educational Psychology in Christian Context
  • CE504 – Curriculum and Methods in Christian Ministry or Teaching Practicum
  • CE505 – Christian Education for an Information Age
  • CE506 – Issues in Christian Education
  • CE507 – Biblical Foundation of Educational Leadership
  • CE508 – Leading Theological Change 24
  • CE512/514 – Experiential Learning