Overview of Doctor of Religious Education Degree

The Doctor of Religious Education Program prepares students to be educators, scholars, researchers, and conscientious global leaders in specialized disciplining ministries in the church and Christian ministries around the world.

The following are the required classes for the DRE Degree only for those students who have matriculated through the MRE Degree program at Cornerstone College of Virginia (formerly Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary) and fulfilled all the requirements of the MRE program.

Those students entering into CCV with a non-biblical master’s degree from another institution must attain a Master of Religious Education Degree and all its prerequisite courses from CCV or another biblical college. These students must meet with the Academic Dean to design their course of study and plan for any prerequisites that must be taken.

Required Courses (30 Credits)

BI 601 Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics (3 CR)

This is an advanced in-depth course rightly interpreting the Word of God. Preachers and teachers will learn the role of theology in interpretation, how to deal with contemporary issues of the Bible, and the role of history in interpretation. (Three credit hours)

MI 610 Advanced Missions II: Global Missions

This course offers the student a practical guide for preparing them for intercultural missions. The course provides resources for personal spiritual preparation as well as cross-cultural skills and hands on missionary training. This class will also examine the futures trends at home and around the world that will prepare them for mission work at home and abroad in the future. (Three credit hours)

TH 700 Theology VI - Cults and Other Religions (6 CR)

This comprehensive course gives the readers, from both academic and lay perspectives, an in-depth study of religions, sects and cults. The student will gain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively counter the heresies and teaching of other religions of the world. (Six credit hours)

PM 720 Ministerial Leadership (3 CR)

This course offers pastors and church leaders insight into the daily issues of managing a church. The course will include a full spectrum of ministry practice, and topics such as time management, negotiating the terms of a call, handling crisis and conflict, church finances, special fund drives and tax and law considerations. (Three credit hours)

HT 710 Ministerial Ethics (3 CR)

This course provides tools the student will need to sharpen their personal and professional decision making skills. The student will learn about the unique moral role of the minister and the ethical responsibilities of their vocation. The course will include topics on family life, confidentiality, truth telling, political involvement, working with committees and relating to other church staff member. (Three credit hours)

PM 700 Project Design and Implementation (3 CR)

This course will help the doctoral student design and prepare for the final project. They will learn how to choose a topic, narrow their focus, outline their project and present a final proposal for their final project. The final proposal will include a timeline for their final project as well. (Three credit hours)

PM 701 Doctoral Project (12 CR)

Working in close contact with the doctoral advisor and Academic Dean, students will write their final projects to be presented in sections to their assigned readers according to the proposed timeline. Once the writing portion is completed students will meet with Advisor, readers and Dean to defend their final work. (Twelve credit hours)


Electives (30 CR)

View the list of electives.

  • Theology (3 CR)
  • Counseling (6 CR)
  • Biblical Studies (12 CR)
  • Cultural/Mission Studies (3 CR)
  • Practical Ministry (3 CR)
  • Christian/Church History (3 CR)

***Those students entering into FBIS with a non-biblical Master’s degree from another institution must attain a Master of Religious Education Degree and all its prerequisite courses from FBIS. These students must meet with the Academic Dean to design their academic course of study.