We are so excited to see you’re interested in partnering with Christ to serve the community with affordable biblical higher education through us! On this page, you will find several ways you can partner with Christ and serve with us. 

The harvest is plentiful but the labors are few. 

Thanks for joining us!

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer to assist and serve at one of our events. Your name will be added to a list of volunteers. When we need somone we will ask. If your able great say YES! If your not available at that time that is okay to say NEXT TIME! To add your name to our volunteer list email or CLICK HERE

Submit Writing
Partner with CCV by contributing to our never ending need for Christ-like scholarly content. We need articles on biblical higher education, biblical principles, devotions, local Christian events, etc.
Become an Influencer
Our influencers visit local church's and schools on behalf of CCV. They represent the school through digital media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Give out of the abundance Christ blessed you with! Your funds enable us to continue to bless students with scholarship opportunities and the building of new programs. 

 We appreciate your support!