Mission and Vision

Cornerstone College of Virginia (CCV) provides a Christ-centered pathway to a theological and professional education that fully equips our students for kingdom work in the church and in the world. We seek to enhance the wisdom of our students in the stewardship of their God-given gifts and talents.


CCV is a college and seminary that offers theological degrees at the Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels. We work in partnership with other colleges to provide our students with a cost-effective pathway to an accredited Bachelor’s degree in such professions as Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and General Education.

Cornerstone College of Virginia (CCV) seeks to be a premier educational institution that provides Christ-centered theological and professional training that equips our students for meaningful lifework.

The CCV educational approach relies upon shared in-class and online academic experiences to teach the social and collaborative skills that are modern-day essentials for future career success.


CCV has established a set of core values and goals to serve as the compass for fulfilling its Mission and Vision. The CCV experience is an essential factor in the development of ministry leaders. CCV’s core values and goals, illustrated below, reinforce its mission and vision and challenge CCV to serve Christ and the community better.