Cornerstone College of Virginia professors are missionaries. Some 25 professors donate their time and efforts to further Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations.  CCV professors often have full-time occupations while serving in their respective churches as Sunday School teachers, deacons, elders, and pastors.  Listed below are professors for Fall 2019.  Find a full list of faculty in our catalog.

Richard Barnett, D.R.E.,  
Biblical Studies
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, M.R.E. 2012, D.R.E. 2016
Ohio State University, BSEE, 1970

Craig Beasley, Th. D. 
Andersonville Baptist Seminary, Th. M., 2005, Th.D.,2010
Washington Baptist Seminary, General Theology, 2004
Claflin College, B.S. Biology/Chemistry, 1988

Carl Bentley, D. Min
Hampton University, B.S. Elem Ed, 1973
Virginia Tech, MS Adult Continuing Ed., 1996
Howard University, M.Div., 1982, D. Min., 1988

Halliard Brown, D.B.C.
Biblical Studies
Andersonville Theological Seminary 2013, D.B.C.
Andersonville Theological Seminary 2012; M.B.C.
New Life Comm. School of Ministry & Bible Institute 2008, B.R.

Prof. Archie Comfort

Carlin Dempsey, D.R.E.
Biblical Studies
Coral Ridge, D.R.E.,
George Wythe, M.R.E.
Washington Bible College B.A.C.E.

Ben Dowdell, M.R.E.
Biblical Studies
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, M.R.E. 2016

James Flickinger, Th.D.
Andersonville Theological Seminary, Th.D. 2016, Th.M. 2001, BTS 2001

Dr. Henry Fiske

Charles Garnette, CP

Dr. Sanja Hudson

Maurice Evans,  
Clinical Professor under Dr. Donna J. Rhaney
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, Th.A. 1999, Th.B. 2014

Jonathan Henry, D.R.E.
Worship, Biblical Studies, Hebrew
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, D.R.E. 2016, M.R.E. 2013
University of Richmond, B.A., 2003

Johnnie Hicks, M.C.E.  
Andersonville Theological Seminary, M.C.E.
Strayer University, B.A., M.B.A., 2008
Germanna Community College, Associate B.M.

Clin.Prof. Anthony Oliver

Fritz Raymond, Ph.D.
Biblical Studies
Kingsway University, Ph.D., 2014
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, Th.M., 2012
Webster University, M.A. H.R. D., 1999, M.A. Mgt., 1999
Columbia College, B.S. BA, 1998, B.S. BA/Mkt., 1998
NOVA, AA , 1982
New York Technical College, Electromagnetic Degree, 1978

Edward Rook, 
 Islamic Studies
Instructor for Government, Military, and Homeland Security Solutions, Inc., (20 Years)

Dr. David F. Russell, D.R.E.
Theology, Biblical Studies
Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary, Th.B., 1986, Th.M., 1991, Th.D., 1993, D.R.E., 1995
Baptist Bible College, Th.A. 1956

Dr. Julie Wallace

Nancy Williams, M.A.P.C.
Biblical Studies
Liberty University M.A.P., 2015, M.A.R., 2012, Grad Cert. Military
Resilience, 2012
Virginia State University, B.S.I.S., 1980

Prof. Stanley Johnson

Winston-Salem State University

 Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University School of Divinity.

Prof. Anthony Oliver

Tim Adams
Spiritual Gifts and Temperments. Church Fathers.
Bachelor of Marketing  Arizona State University