How to make your 2020 Glow Up a game-changer.


Brittany Henry | Marketing & Communications | @TheFVAnetwork


I hit a wall in my education and in my career. Even though I was successful in every aspect of the word, I still needed more. So when the CCV simultaneous enrollment option, here on referred to as the SEO program, became available I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it. 


Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary agreed to take my Liberty University credits and Cornerstone College of Virginia agreed to take them as well! In 2020 I will graduate with a degree in Theology from CCV and a degree in Communication from LBC. 


And I’ve already learned so much! Working closely with my LBC professors I’ve been able to take my everyday practical work to the next level. I furthered my career by becoming more valuable as a business owner and communications professional with the information I learned at LBC.

I’m changing tax brackets, the future of my children, and my children’s children forever!

For the first time in a long time, I’m excited about my future. I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a better future for my children. There is absolutely no universe in which this would have been possible but for the grace of God and the CCV/LBC partnership that affords new students, homeschool students, and adult learners the opportunity to complete two degrees at one time for less than 30,000 a year.  


Leading worship for churches my whole life and working in the marketing and communications industry for the last few years, I had a lot of experience and ability but no degree. It was hard for me to demand the pay my time was really worth and even more difficult for my peers to take me seriously as an at times stay-at-home mother of two. 


Earning a 4-year degree in Theological Studies and an accredited 4-year degree in Communication makes my 2020 glow up a game-changer. I’m changing tax brackets, the future of my children, and my children’s children forever!


6 ways to make your 2020 glow up a game-changer


1. Delight in the Lord and seek him first


The bible teaches that the one who departs from the Lord will be like a shrub in the desert who does not see when good comes. To make your 2020 glow up a game-changer train your heart to love God’s Word. Choose to love the way to Zion. The way to the New Jerusalem is marked with suffering but the Lord is a sun and a shield and no good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly. 


2. Further your education


In a world where Mcdonalds is priced the same as Olive Garden and gas is nearly 5 dollars a gallon, a higher education degree is a must! The good news is earning your degree has never been easier. There are dozens of affordable online programs that allow you to earn your degree while you work a full-time job. 


3. Become Tech Savvy


Technology is moving like the speed of light and those who jump in and beam up will always make money and never be in want of finding a job! Check out Udemy, Creative Live, and youtube. You would be surprised at how many people use these simple tools to develop the skills they make thousands of dollars off of every day. 


4. Look how you want to look


Everyone feels good when they look good. Join a gym and lay off the carbs. Diabetes and high blood pressure are at an all-time high. It never hurt anyone to eat well and exercise. 

5. Outsource 


Rather your a stay at home mom, busy college student, or small business owner there is work you can outsource to spend more time in the areas that need you the most. Fredericksburg Virtual Assistant is a great place to start for your outsourcing needs.


6. Hire a coach or consultant and network


Lastly, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know! Hiring someone to help open your mind to possibilities you simply were not able to see before can make your 2020 glow up a game-changer. And don’t be afraid to sit down to coffee with a stranger. Talking to someone who is where you want to be can help you discover pathways to make your God-given dreams a reality.

Brittany Henry is married to Cornerstone College of Virginia Provost Dr. Jonathan Henry and together they have two beautiful daughters. She is also the owner of Fredericksburg Virtual Assistant, a digital marketing and virtual assisting agency serving the DMV area. Sharing the ministry of reconciliation as a worship leader all across the United States, she hopes to set an example for others like her who struggled to complete their education. She wants everyone to know that all things are possible with God. “Trust Him until you see the promise fulfilled.” -Brittany Henry