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Crisis in Haiti

Cornerstone College of Virginia missionary urges fellow followers of the Cross to send aid and share this urgent message.

Brittany Henry | Marketing & Communications | @CornerstoneCollegeVa 


“The Bahamian government is trying to kill all Haitians in the Bahamas,” the anonymous Haitian woman said. “I am from the Bahamas myself. I lived there for years. They are racist. Worse than the KKK.”


Dr Fritz Raymond interpreted the urgent message sent to him from the Bahamas. It was sent to him by people he previously served in Haiti because they know that he cares and they believe he can help. His face was riddled with unuttered pain upon hearing the distress call from the anonymous Haitian woman.


Missionary and Professor, Dr. Fritz Raymond teaches Missions at Cornerstone College of Virginia. When he is not teaching he is usually on mission in Haiti with his wife.


“The message of what is going on in Haiti needs to be shared because people do not know. Fritz said. “They already started the process by burning all the locations the Haitian nationals are at right now in the Bahamas.”


Fritz and his wife travel to Haiti every year. The ministry they founded, Go Ye Ministries, built a house last year out of brick. It was the only house to remain standing after hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas.  


Fritz is Haitian himself, and the love he has for the least of these in Haiti knows no bounds. “Go Ye Ministries is dedicated to letting people know that God has not forgotten them,” he said. 


“The Haitians right now are not able to eat or take showers. Fritz said sadly. The immediate goal is to find a safe haven for them so they can go and take showers and get something to eat. It is a crisis right now.”


The grief could be seen in his frame as he listened to yet another message sent to him by the anonymous source.  


“I know Moise has been out to lunch for a while now that is not a surprise but if people are reporting things that are going on their these people are to be rounded up and shot in the head. The unknown public figure said. I don’t want to see them in our courts wasting our money or time or resources. They need to be round up and shot on sight.”


Jovenel Moïse is a Haitian entrepreneur and politician serving as the 58th President of Haiti since February 2017. His presidency has been the source of some unrest. Many Haitian’s feel the administration has failed to address corruption at the highest political levels.  


There was no surprise in Fritz’s face only pain as he shared the message and tried to explain what was happening with the Haitian people. “The Bahamian government is preparing to receive disaster funds. They don’t want the Haitians to benefit from that,” he said. 


Hurricane Dorian was one of the strongest storms ever to hit the Bahamas yet the political firestorm surrounding relief efforts was the worst part of Dorian’s aftermath. And it’s the part no one seems to be talking about. 


“Brothers and sisters listen we need to share this, please. It is approximately 50, 000 Haitians. If you don’t share the message the blood is on your hands,” the anonymous Haitian who lives in the Bahamas said.


Dr. Raymond and his wife planned to travel to Haiti on a mission from October 13th – October 22nd. That mission trip was delayed by the current unrest in Haiti. 

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