A night of music and fellowship at Cornerstone College of Virginia


Brittany Henry | Marketing & Communications | @CornerstoneCollegeVa 


The front entrance to Cornerstone College of Virginia was illuminated with beautiful white light, and the crisp air was filled with the aroma of burning wood from the firepits. Young people roasted marshmallows over the fire while others congregated inside around the coffee and hot cocoa Warrior Coffee provided for the event. 


The worship space was dimly lit, and all the chairs were pushed back against the walls. The center of the room was a wide-open space for people to sit. At the front of the room in front of the stage was nothing but a microphone, guitar and mini-electric fireplace. 


As the music began members of the community trickled in and sat in the chairs. Community members sang, drank coffee and laughed together through the night. At one point during the night, a toddler walked to the front and sat on the worship leader’s lap. The leader continued to sing and hug the child to what sounded like a room full of “aww.” 


Before the night came to a close another leader took to the stage. Liberty University graduate Lydia Mockabee led the crowd in worship to God singing in both English and Spanish. Mockabee is an ESL teacher and missionary with a heart for the people of Guatemala. 


As the time of music came to a close Mockabee said, “Now I’m not talking to God, but I’m talking to you. If there is anyone here who does not know Jesus, you can give your heart to Christ tonight.” She began to pray to God again. 


When she finished the audience sang Amazing Grace together a capella. When the lights came on they all began hugging, laughing and talking. The evening of fellowship and music was over, but the faint sounds of laughter and joy could still be heard as people went to their cars.