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President’s Blog #8 – Message of the Revelation Churches

While Christ directed John to write Christ’s words to seven specific, literal churches regarding their respective circumstance, his words are instructive to churches today that desire to be obedient to the wishes of that same Christ –much as the head speaks to the body before a mirror.  

Further, each letter contains the same command by Christ that we of the church are to listen also to what the Holy Spirit says to us:

Revelation 2:7,11,17,29; 3:6,13,22  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

It is reasonable to conclude that Christ’s messages to the Revelation churches and His instruction that we listen as well to what the Holy Spirit says to the churches both have timeless meaning and application.  In an effort to discern in part the timeless meaning of Christ’s letters, a table has been assembled separately, which contains the Scripture of the seven letters to the seven churches of Revelation, with their verses then distributed beneath categories of condemnation, commendation, counsel and challenge.  

Using the Revelation Scripture as a reference, there follows below a discernment of the timeless message to the churches of today that can be found in Jesus’ words to the seven churches of Revelation.  

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.


Discernment from Christ’s Words to the Revelation Churches

Churches are Condemned When they:

Abandon love – for God, for neighbor, for each other
Hold to false teaching and sexual immorality
Are alive to the world but dead to Christ
Are incomplete in works and disobedient to God’s desires
Are lukewarm in faith, in works, in love
Forget they are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked without Christ
Churches are Commended When They:   

Do works, toil with patient endurance
Hate what is evil
Discern what is false
Bear up under persecution
Do not grow weary in the way of Christ
Appreciate richness in Christ regardless of circumstance
Hold to the teaching of Christ in the face of slander 
      and ridicule

Keep the faith unto death
Do works of love
Seek holiness and purity
In weakness be strong in word and witness

3.  Churches are to Hear Christ’s Counsel:

When you have fallen, repent and repent again
Do not forsake good works
Do not be afraid – be brave in Christ
Salvation awaits the faithful
Do not sin with the world
Recognize God’s hand in the world and know that he is God
Persevere until I come
Wake up, strengthen the remnant, repent 
Be rich in the things of heaven, be clothed in the promised glory
Purchase with faith wisdom that you might see the things of Christ
See my love in reproof and discipline that you might repent
Hear my voice, open the door, that we might have fellowship together

4.  Churches are to Hear Christ’s Challenge:

Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the churches
Conquer sin through Christ
Be faithful unto death
In your faith you will receive a special gift just for you – hidden manna
In obedience comes authority over the world
Faith perseveres unto holiness and glory – forever in the book of life
Christ will profess your name before his Father and his angels