Missing something and not knowing it

As a young man, I had thick, wavy hair. As time went by I noticed my hair was thinning. It wasn’t until I was working for Lowes selling building material that a customer asked for me, not remembering my name, he said, “Let me speak to the old bald-headed man, he’ll know what I need.” Upon looking in a mirror, I was shocked to see that he was right. My wavy hair had waved good-bye. I had not noticed it because it had left gradually.

Many times we can become so busy we don’t realize how blessed they are. We can become so involved in our jobs we, unknowingly, forget families, children, spouses until suddenly we find the children are grown and gone and we and our spouses have grown apart and lost touch. 

He didn’t know that the Lord had left him (Judges 16:20)

As bad as that maybe it is even worse when we forget God. The Bible tells of a man called Samson who was blessed by God but became so entangled with temptations of a life he lost touch with God and what God had for him to do. Then we read the saddest verse concerning his life in Judges 16:20 “….he didn’t know that the Lord had left him.” His infatuation with the temptation of Delilah made him vulnerable. For all his physical strength, he was no match for her and paid a great price. He lost everything, his strength, his position, and his life. 

To avoid the shock that Samson experienced, we need to examine ourselves daily less, our relationship to God, our spouse, our children, be lost and we never realize it until it is too late. 



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