Dr. Jonathan Henry


Warm. Gentle. Generous. Caring. Comforting. Gary Foss embodied Christlike attributes in a way that few others have. He gave me – at the time a 24-year-old know-nothing – a chance to join the FCS family as a teacher almost fifteen years ago. He and his wife Andy had established a place of joy and love and excellence, and it means so much to me that they both welcomed me and trusted me to impart the little that I knew to young minds.

I moved on to pursue other things, but after several years, I longed to return. There was no space available at FCS, but Gary gave me a chance as an executive secretary at Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary. Although I was in seminary, he worked around my schedule so that I could work full time. He (most of the time in sandals) would visit me when the office was quiet, and we would sometimes have lunch. We would share ideas, and he would tell me that he saw me as more than a secretary.

Gary’s presence was at once unassuming and weighty, which speaks to his humility and the gifts he had (and the gift he was) from the Lord. He was so steady that I suppose all of us who knew him expected him to be a permanent fixture in the community. As much as I’ll miss him, I am comforted and blessed by knowing that he has been given rest and is enjoying a sweet union with Jesus.