Open House Event Night


Laughing, learning, eating, and worshipping God together, this community of believers felt the joy of the Lord.

The night began as Pastor Stanley Johnson led attendees into the presence of the Lord with smooth and Christ-honoring worship songs. Guests gleefully shuffled over to the tables to receive their free meals from Panera Bread, and Fantashia Cooper, CCV Director of Outreach, opened the evening with a word of prayer.

Fantashia Cooper quipped that everyone was only allowed to have one dessert and the community of guest audibly groaned! She quickly relented as she expressed it was a joke and everyone had a great laugh! The delectable desserts were provided by Italian Station!

Every eye in the room lit up with undivided attention as the Simultaneous Enrollment Option was explained. The opportunity to earn two degrees at one time for less than the price of a car was clearly the main attention-getter of the night.

As the joyous occasion continued with student testimonies and our speakers from Lancaster Bible College, it was clear that the LORD was in the room.

Sprinkled throughout the program were fantastic giveaways. CCV gave away an Apple Watch, iPad Mini, Amazon Echo, a gift card to the Sight & Sound Theater, and a Cornerstone College of Virginia scholarship!

The event came to a close as the So Loved Worship Band led attendees in worship one last time. The hearts, bellies, and hands of the community where full as the evening broke into greetings.