Shifting Sand Beneath our Feet – Foundational Worldviews

(Part 1)

Impact the Next Generation and How a Christian College Education Prepares Individuals for Living a Life of Truth found in the Bible


Julie M. Wallace, Ed.D


Christian educators in every walk of life impact students in their sphere of influence. Educators who are deliberate in informing and enlightening students on their worldview set the stage to impact the next generation for biblical living and biblical life choices. Through the experiences of Francis Shaeffer and other prominent Christians, we can learn techniques that nurture cross-generational interpersonal relationships with a foundation on godly principles of doctrine and character in the Christian college environment.

Deterioration of Christian Society

The ebb and flow of societal beliefs and trends sweeps us up like a swelling ocean tide. As Christians we see the issues of life like driftwood on the cresting waves edging closer, then taken back by the undertow. As we stand at the ocean’s edge we sway with the movement of the waves. In our daily lives, the issues of humanism and relativism don’t seem too disturbing. The waves don’t seem that daunting, and then unsuspectingly a large wave crashes unbalancing the shifting foundation under our feet. That unsuspecting wave building out in the ocean growing stronger before our eyes takes us by surprise. Yet we never really acknowledged or suspected its power akin to the growing, disturbing trends in our society.

The seeds that have been sown of inactivity, passivity, and ignorance on the part of the global church have resulted in reaping a crop of new generations of Christians and churchgoers. These recent generations increasingly do not believe the Bible is relevant to life today nor is it the absolute authority for life. Over the last several decades American society has experienced a growing wave of anti-God themes that have grown into a strong tide of belief systems that have infiltrated many Christian minds.

One of the key strongholds in this societal tide is the saturation of the theory of evolution. The global church is increasingly tolerating and in many cases embracing the theories postulated by theistic evolution. Evolution is a key undermining of our reason for living, our hope in life, and our biblical worldview. How strong is this wave of evolutionary thought? Is it taking us by surprise? Is it like a wave we misjudged in the ocean tide?

More than ever the new generations of children growing into adults need the positive influence of a Christian college education that provides an integrated biblical worldview perspective to help them build a firm foundation for a life of honoring Christ.