Dr. Jonathan Henry, CCV Provost, worship leader, and youth leader, expounds on why the culture of today is so susceptible to the Momo Challenge and how Christian leaders should respond:

I think it happened in almost every generation: dangerous challenges, urban legends and things of that nature. It is so scary now because of how connected everyone is and how much easier it is to effect the youth on a grand scale.

Years ago there was an urban legend saying never to flash your lights at someone whose headlights were not on at night. Legend had it that the driver would begin to tailgate you and high beam you potentially causing you to have an accident. This was just hearsay. It couldn’t spread like wildfire unlike the dangerous challenges of today.

It was said that the Momo Challenge video had over 90 thousand views in the first 24 hours. That’s basically a couple of large colleges.

The connectedness of the internet is useful, but people can always use it for bad things. As Christian leaders and educators I think it’s important for us to not shy away from this resource as is often the tendency when things like this happen. We may have a tendency to shy away from useful things because someone is using them for something evil.


The internet is like a road or a highway where terrible things can happen when irresponsible people use it. In its purest form it can take you from point A to point B; it is a method of travel, so to speak. That is why it was once referred to as the information superhighway.

Drunk driving is a danger to everyone on the road as is irresponsible use of the internet and our social media outlets. As long as our youth are navigating through the internet safely, it can be very useful.

Here at Cornerstone College of Virginia we advise parents to talk with their young people about everything. Talk with them about things you think they already know. Pray with and over them daily, and above all keep Christ at the center.

Written By: CCV Content Marketing Specialist.