Our Staff

Dr. Richard A. Barnett, D.R.E.
Theology, Biblical Studies, Stewardship
Fredericksburg Bible Institute & Seminary, D.R.E. 2016, M.R.E. 2012
Ohio State University, B.S.E.E., 1970



Dr. Jonathan Henry, D.R.E.
Administrative Dean
Biblical Studies, Education
Fredericksburg Bible Institute & Seminary,  M.R.E., 2013, D.R.E., 2016
University of Richmond, B.A., 2003



Dr. Donna Rhaney, D.R.E., D.min
Academic Dean
Biblical Studies, Missions, Spirituality
Fredericksburg Bible Institute & Seminary, Th.A., 2000, Th.B., 2004, M.R.E., 2011, D.R.E., 2013
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, M.Div., 2010; D.Min 2014



Dr. David F. Russell, D.R.E.
Dean Emeritus
Theology, Biblical Studies
Fredericksburg Bible Institute & Seminary, Th.B., 1986, Th.M., 1991, Th.D., 1993, D.R.E., 1995
Baptist Bible College, Th.A. 1956



Audrey Richardson
University of Rio Grande Valley, Masters of Education in Elementary 2016
B.A., Business Administration 2001



Berna Shetti
Office Assistant
Nassau Scholengemeenschap, Diploma




Fantashia Cooper
Director of Outreach
Southern University and A&M College, B.A., 2013



Timothy Adams
Marketing Manager
Arizona State University, B.A., Marketing

Sue Yoon
Marketing Team
George Washington University, Doctorate Coursework Completion, 2017
Catholic University of America, Masters of Business Administration, 2013
Ewha Woman’s University, Bachelor of Business Administration, 2004